Q⭐: How long are shipping times?

A⭐: Standard shipping from HK to your country will take around 1-3 weeks. Please note that your local customs might affect shipping times.


Q⭐: How often do you ship?

A⭐: Usually 1st and 15th of each month. Might vary slightly depending on what day it lands on / month.


Q⭐: I provided a wrong address, what should I do?

A⭐: Please check your shipping address before purchasing. If there are any changes the customer wants to make with their address, please contact us immediately.

Once your order has been shipped, postage fees cannot be refunded and we will not be responsible for any errors on the addresses that we are provided with.


Q⭐: Can you cancel my order?

A⭐: We only accept cancellations within 1 hour of purchase.


Q⭐: What's the difference between "on-hand" and "pre-order" items?

A⭐: ON-HAND items are ready to ship anytime from HK. Whereas PRE-ORDER items still needs to be sent from Canada to HK. If you have both ON-HAND and PRE-ORDER items available on your order, they will be all shipped at the same time once the PRE-ORDER items are available.


Q⭐: Why is there a pre-order period? Why can't I order anytime?

A⭐: CWilock will be shouldering the postage fees from Canada to HK. Having stock/items sent in bulk lets us save money and waive additional postage in your order.


Q⭐: How long or often will pre-order periods will be up?

A⭐: Pre-order period will be up around TWO weeks* as for how frequent it will be available, we are still deciding on this.


Q⭐: Will I get the same shop freebies from the main store?

A⭐: Yup! you will still receive freebies if you reach a certain amount. But we cannot guarantee that it will be the same from what is currently offered on main shop due to stock. Unfortunately no scratch cards will be given out here.


Q⭐: My country isn't available here and on the main shop. Can I still order?

A⭐: Please contact us via the contact page. We might have alternative shipping options for you!